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Some questions for you

I'm not in the mood too edit my last post (which I posted only a few minutes ago, go me)
A few things I'd like to ask everyone:
1. The user info states that this is a community for Swedish fans, and well... it is. But since most posts here is (and probably will be) in English, (and TAI is an American/Australian band) should anyone, from any country be able to join? I'm sure it would be helpfull in some way. I'll figure it out tomorrow. If people (in other countries) want to help, we sould let them help, y/n?
2. Do you have the ability to print posters? As in, can you do it at home, at work, at some other place? The purpose off this community/street team is to promote TAI, and a great way too do that is too put up posters (but I'm sure you already knew that). Flyers will do.

I'll let you think about it, if you're awake and reading this. If you are: Goodnight. If not: Good morning


Dec. 27th, 2008

The wonderful and awesome discover_it made a petition.
Scandinavia needs TAI, please sign

Also, last time I looked here, we did not have five members. Many hugs to the three people who joined \o/

I will go to Java that place on Sergels Torg next week too see if we can print posters (or anything alike).
Pixxie, can you come with me? Please?



Mod post

First two promo buttons are up :D

Just copy+paste the code to your profile/journal

Oh yeah, lets get this party started.

Also, profile updated with safertears aim; LoversDontDisco
That's it for now

Info/mod post

Hello, and Welcome to tai_swe.
We are a community for the Swedish street team for The Academy Is… (this will, hopefully, soon be official).
Anybody can join, but keep in mind that this is a Swedish community, so most post will probably be in Swedish.
(However both mods prefer to type [and/or speak] in English)

Rules (because every community have them):
1. No drama, or hate. If you have a problem with another member, talk to them, or (if it’s a really big problem) contact one of the mods.
2. Don’t mess with html, please. Black text, white background, and not to small (or too big) text size.
3. No off topic posts, no need to report about stuff that happens across the world (unless it effects the band, the bands chances of coming here, or all of the fans)

In this community, we are focusing on promoting The Academy Is… in Sweden. We’re currently trying to find a place where we can print posters/flyers and stickers, any tips would be appreciated. Also, both me (gulluie) and safertears live in Stockholm, so naturally, we need help from the whole country.
The user info will be updated as time goes by. Any major change will also be posted in the community itself.

For any questions and suggestions please contact one of the mods:
email: gulluie[at]yahoo[dot]se
aim: Gulluie
A lj-message will do

Please note that this is a community for Swedish TAI fans. If you live in Scandinavia and would like to discuss other FBR/Bandombands with other Scandinavians, we suggest bandom_nord (that place is pretty dead now, so go ahead and join)



The Academy Is... Swedish Street Team
The Academy Is... official site

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